Divinely Female

sponsor of   Women's Energy Circles   and   Sacred Awakenings

Join us and honor the Sacred Light within your soul!

A Light burns brightly within the soul of every woman. That Light is the source of all the Life in the Universe, all the Love that was ever felt. It is through this power that a woman can conceive and give birth. Without this power, life would be impossible. If one values life, one must hold in high esteem the creation of such life. One must honor that power and hold it in awe and reverence. One must also honor the keeper of that light. One must honor woman.

Each man also has that same Light within. But unlike the woman, he cannot create the Light himself. He must obtain it from woman.  At birth, he is endowed by his mother with a certain amount of the Sacred Energy. He must periodically obtain more, either from his mother, or from another woman. He does this by bringing joy to her heart. A smile of gratitude is her way of shining  her radiance into his soul, renewing the flame in his heart.

A man can be a woman's helper and her lover, but never her master. She is mistress of her own soul. He can enable her to feel her own power more intensely, but it is hers to command, hers to control. Thus we seek the empowerment of women and encourage their freedom.

Ours is an ecstatic religion, worshipping the Divine by experiencing first hand the full power and joy that with which she created and guides the universe. We draw prmarily on the ancient Tantric techniques of India for inspiration, techniques first recorded in writing over 1500 years ago but undoubtedly much older. A woman can attain ecstasy alone, in the privacy of her own home, using the technique we call the Sacred Awakening. She can invite another person to help if she so desires. More powerful are group ecstasies, called Women's Energy Circles. Several women form a circle, either helping each other attain ecstasy, or relying on men to help them. Either way, the energy once awakened flows in an unbroken circle around the room, an event of infinite beauty and power far surpassing anything a single woman can achieve alone.

Our goal is to create a network of people, some concentrated in local chapters able to meet in person on a regular basis, others scattered around the world but connected via the Internet. We address each other as "Sister" and "Brother" in the hopes of fostering a sororital camaraderie. We sponsor discussion groups, meditation sessions, charitable events, and ceremonies in which we honor the Goddess by practicing ancient tantrist techniques of seeking enlightenment via intensely pleasurable stimulation of the body's senses.

Come and join us. If you are a woman, please share your power and your wisdom. If you are a man, come and listen and honor the power that created you. Persons under 18 are allowed to apply only with the express written approval of the parents, and only if there is an adult member with whom they can meet in person on a regular basis.  


A guest may attend a ceremony only at the invitation of a female member. A member is automatically invited to any group ceremony within 100 km of where that person lives, or in a city where the member is visiting at the moment. Members are also entitled to vote on finances, leadership, and other aspects of the organization of the group. Only female members may become group leaders, although men are allowed to vote on which women may hold the position. Decisions on procedure during ceremonies is by unanimous consensus of the female members participating. 

There are two ways of becoming a member. Any person over 18 years of age can become a full member of Divinely Female simply by writing an essay of one less than one page but not more than two, explaining why you wish to become a member. Send the essay to the Founder (Sister Usha Devi, sisterusha@yahoo.com). Remember that she does not know you, so you must include enough information about you for her to judge whether or not you are sincere and understand what you are getting yourself into.

The second method is by participating in DF ceremonies. Any woman attaining ecstasy during a formal ceremony has the right to full membership if she wants it. Note that the Sacred Awakening can be done alone, so a woman geographically isolated from other members need do nothing more than inform Sister Usha that she has done this successfully. A man may become full member by serving as helper three times in either a Sacred Awakening or a Sacred Circle. A female member must inform Sister Usha that the male candidate has done this. 

All members must tell Sister Usha their real name, but they can choose a nickname if they like, such as "Sister Sunshine" or whatever. This is confidential; you may tell others where you live and what your real name is, but Sister Usha will not tell anyone. All members must keep Sister Usha informed about current location and email address.

Persons under 18 may become Junior Members only if they obtain a sponsor. The sponsor must be a member living in close proximity to the junior member, and able to meet with the junior member in person on a regular basis. The sponsor agrees to take on the responsibility for the spiritual education of the junior member. Sponsor should send a letter to  Sister Usha accepting such responsibility; she must approve before the junior member can be accepted. Junior members are allowed to participate in discussion groups and ceremonies not involving sexual activity, but not those that do include sexual stimulation.

Any member, male or female, may be expelled from the group for activities disruptive of the functioning of the group. Grounds for dismissal include acting insulting or disrespecting other members, disrupting ceremonies, or otherwise violating the principles of Divinely Female. Sister Usha is the sole judge. If someone has acted inappropriately, tell her in detail what has happened, and she will investigate.

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